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Meet the Staff of Intersport Performance

Omar Hilmi - Owner Operator

703 338 6700 - omarkhilmi@gmail.com

Almost 30 years as Owner/Operator of Intersport Performance and a whole lifetime of Porsche wisdom. Porsche fanatic and all around car guy. If you have a question about anything Porsche, this is the guy to ask. Whether it's race cars or street cars this man is an encyclopedia of knowledge. If you are looking to buy your next car, he has all of the right connections to get you a great performance or luxury vehicle. Call and ask for more info.

Charlie Murphy - Owner Operator

703-832-5905 - intersport.charlie@gmail.com

 They call him the "Porsche Whisperer". Charlie has spent his whole life wrenching on Porsche cars and other European makes. He is the type of guy other shops around the world send work to when they cannot figure it out. He has just as many years working in our machine shop making custom parts and fixing anything you can imagine. The man can bring any car back to life, or convert a street car to track killer. He has been known to work on extra rare cars from across the globe while body guards protect the priceless rare examples from onlookers. Charlie has built hundreds of engines and transmissions from the ground up. When it comes to air-cooled Porsche cars he is one of the best in the world. The cars he has worked on have won titles, championships, and even hold track records all over the nation. When everyone has gone home and closed up shop this is the guy you see stay late at night making it happen. This is the man you want on your team; he will do whatever it takes to put the life back in your prized possession. When it comes to anything complicated and high performance, experience is everything, Charlie Murphy has decades of experience.

Jason Z. Verdon - General Manager

703-935-0203 - intersport.jason@gmail.com

Over 15 years in the automotive industry, I strive to constantly develop and improve the communication, productivity and success of the company, employees and most importantly the satisfaction of our  clients. 

Matt Caskey - Sales Manager

(703)242-8680 - IntersportSales@gmail.com

Eat... Sleep... Breathe... PORSCHE!!!

Tony Zelones - Service Manager

(703) 935-1280 - service@intersportservice.com

Over 20 years of Service Management.

Artist Kitburee - Master Technician

703-242-8680 - intersport.artist@gmail.com

Factory Trained Years of Experience

Craig Williams - Master Technician

703-242-8680 -

35+ years experience foreign and domestic vehicles. Porsche specific specialist. Intersport Technician since 1999.

Darius Khakbaz - Master Technician

703-242-8680 - iman1987@yahoo.com

Gearhead with 14 years experience specializing in European cars

Ivan Tozev - Master Technician

703-242-8680 -

Over 25 years experience servicing European vehicles. BMW Master Technician. Specializing in BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi. Experienced working with all makes and models over the years.

Joshua A. Reger - Master Technician

703-935-0210 - regerfab@gmail.com

Specializing in European automotive performance and service.

Roberto Jandres - Technician

7032428680 -

Years of experience!

Alex Garcia - Master Detailer

703-242-8680 -

From wet sanding to waxing...exterior to interior.,Alex produces that long lost factory showroom shine